The halls, which have several cosy, intimate spots, can hold several workshops at once
The hotel terrace

There will be a wide range of activities and workshops, including:

Another outdoor area in which to organise workshops


These will be given by our guest speakers or planned by the organisation.

• We are pleased to announce that Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, a foremost academic and global expert on polyamory and families, is coming to Spain for the first time, and will be attending the event in its first year. More information >>>

• We will also be welcoming the facilitator Nico Castellanos, whose workshops range from dance to BDSM, with a special highlight on presence, limits, consent and fun. More information >>>

NEW!! We have just disclosed our first batch of scheduled activities. You can check them here! >>> 


Part of the schedule, at different times and in different spaces, will be created by the participants themselves. Workshops allow for more active involvement of the participants and experiences of self-management. More information >>>


  • We will put up a board with the schedule at reception. Participants will be able to put their workshops in the empty slots.
  • To make the schedule easier to read, all workshops, talks and activities will be colour-coded (green, yellow and red), according to their content and level of emotional and physical exposure. They will also include a description of the objectives, parts and content.
  • All workshops will have the relevant notification in the description (e.g., #sexism #powerrelations), along with a summary of its contents, an outline of its duration and parts, and its specific rules, if any.


An emotional support area: 

If you are feeling emotionally unwell, here you can find people who will stay with you, provide support and look after you.

A ‘zen’ area: 

A place to move away from group dynamics for a while, to meditate, or simply take a break from all the activity.