scheduled activities

Friday june 16
22h | Space: LA GLORIETA
Facilitator: Nico Castellanos | Length: 90 to 120′ | Capacity: 55 p. 

What happens when we touch other people? Who does the touching? Who receives it? How do we play with consent? When touching others, most of the time we are not aware of who is touching and who is being touched. Sometimes, we assume that what we do is pleasant without asking, and we don’t often ask for what we want because we are afraid of being rejected. Being aware of our relationship with touch is empowering. Knowing what we want and asking for it not only allows us to interact consensually, but also makes communication easier. We will learn to respect the boundaries we have set, to express what we like, and to feel how sexy consent can be. We will look into communication, presence, gratitude and trust as the basis of pleasant and emotionally nurturing relationships.

Saturday June 17
8h | Space: to be disclosed
Facilitator: Nico Castellanos | Length: 120′ | Capacity: 30 p.

Rituals are practices that have been around for almost as long as humans beings. They are special actions, different from our ordinary behaviour, which answer to the needs of a community. This sensory journey will be a rite of passage, a wander in which sight will take a back seat and let the rest of the senses become more relevant. We will create a space in which trust, creativity and respect will lead us to our transformation. Get ready to stimulate your perception of reality in this intimate and unforgettable adventure! 

18h | Space: PIANO
Facilitator: Nico Castellanos | Length: 90 to 120′ | Capacity: 30 p.

Who says BDSM is something dark which only happens in dungeons? Who thinks it is something for freaks and perverts? Do you think you’ll miss all the fun just because you haven’t been able to borrow a leather suit and you can’t even find that whip you had? In this workshop we’ll see that BDSM is not as strange as most people think. Almost everyone has fantasized or flirted with BDSM at some point. There is no need for a dungeon or handcuffs to enjoy a safe and deeply satisfying session.


Sunday June 18
Facilitator: Nico Castellanos | Length: 120′ | Capacity: 30 p.

How many times have you dreamed of a four-hand massage? A massage in which the one who receives leads the others. A session in which we will set aside our analytical mind, prejudice, complexes and mental blocks to gift our body with a shower of oxytocin and endorphins. We will explore contact, effect, temperature, presence, boundaries and desire. We will create a bond based on gratitude, trust and respect with our companions in this experience.