Foro Poliamor is a three-day convention celebrating polyamory and ethical non monogamies. It is held for the first time in Spain.

It will take place from june 16 to 18, 2017 at the foot of the Catalan Pyrenees, in the beautiful village of Ribera de Cardós, in a quiet, comfortable and idyllic accomodation that we are reserving exclusively for us.

You will find a myriad of workshops and activities, in an hybrid format combining from one hand, workshops generated by the participants, and on the other, pre-scheduled activities.

In this first edition, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, a worldwide expert on polyamorous families with children, who would be coming to Spain for the first time.

We will also be welcoming the facilitator Nico Castellanos, whose workshops range from dance to BDSM, with a special highlight on presence, limits, consent and fun.

NEW!! We have just disclosed our first batch of scheduled activities. You can check them here! >>> 

Whether you are poly with experiences to share, polynewbie or polycurious considering to embrace polyamory or ethical non monogamies, in the Foro Poliamor you will be able to learn, earn skills, techniques and abilities to boost your relationships, connect and share with like-minded people, broaden your intimate network, while having fun, all of which in a secure and diversity-inclusive atmosphere.

Our objective is to bridge between communities that are living polyamory and/or ethical non monogamies, from Catalonia to any part of the world, without language being a barrier. The event will be trilingual English / Spanish / Catalan, and will be supported by interpreters.

We hope you come and share with us!